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How to Learn


There is tons of good information out there for biology introductions. It is not the goal of this wiki to reproduce it but rather to select, summarize and guide.


The best thing to do is use Google judiciously to learn about:

  • DNA/RNA/protein and how you go from one to the other
  • Transcription, translation, mRNA processing
  • Differences between Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
  • Phylogenetics and generating trees
  • Sequence alignments, multiple sequence alignments
  • How protein structure determines function
  • Homologues, paralogues and orthologues in evolution


Textbooks are also a good resource for this kind of information and as a reference source.


A great introduction to what you can start to learn and do is from Genomics section of science buddies, I really liked Computational Exploration of Protein Function which shows a simple example of determing protein function using BLAST and alignments. Learning all about the background using this as a guide would be a good start.





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